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(NZ) King Salmon ~200g/pc (1pc/pk)

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iKing Salmon is the largest of the Pacific salmon species and the highest in fat, including anti-inflammatory Omega-3’s. It’s often considered the most delicious and is prized for its thick, moist and buttery smooth texture, which makes it a total treat.


  • Rich in Omega-3
  • Abundant in healthy fats
  • Supports healthy heart and improve brain cognition
  • Ideal for pan searing
  • Individually packaged for optimal hygiene and freshness 

4 reviews for (NZ) King Salmon ~200g/pc (1pc/pk)

  1. Eugelicious

    Delicious and fresh, salmon was nicely done and easy to cook! The fatty cuts were in moderation to the meat.

  2. Cheng97

    My family loves salmon and we couldn’t get enough of it! Please make a bulk purchase discount available soon!

  3. Veron1c4woo

    My favourite source of omega 3 and healthy fats. My keto diet consists of salmon at least 3 meals a week and this would be a perfect fit for my meals!

  4. Ashleycr

    Best quality salmon so far, tried a few different recipes for oven baked salmon and the flavour and texture of the meat was amazing. Highly recommended to those who are a fan of salmon.

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