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(NZ) King Salmon ~200g/pc (1pc/pk) – 2 Packs

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King Salmon is the largest of the Pacific salmon species and the highest in fat, including anti-inflammatory Omega-3’s. It’s often considered the most delicious and is prized for its thick, moist and buttery smooth texture, which makes it a total treat.


  • Rich in Omega-3
  • Abundant in healthy fats
  • Supports healthy heart and improve brain cognition
  • Ideal for pan searing
  • Individually packaged for optimal hygiene and freshness 

7 reviews for (NZ) King Salmon ~200g/pc (1pc/pk) – 2 Packs

  1. Desmondtcj

    Very moist and flavourful salmon. Good cut and fresh meat.

  2. Guliamelaka

    Second purchase so far. Great quality in taste, vacuum sealed and extremely fresh. Love it!

  3. Laylabfid88

    Decent weight and size, having a frozen salmon in your freezer keeps you ready for a midnight snack any time!

  4. Martyboi

    Seasoned with coconut oil and honey lemon for a sweet yet soury baked salmon! Yummy!

  5. WooDoddy

    My family loves fish and especially salmon. Season well with salt and pepper, pop it in the oven and we’re great to go! Easy and fuss free.

  6. Quanming74

    Coating with coconut oil helps keep them moist and flavourful! Salmon is superb, cooking it for the first time and it turned out great with tender meat.

  7. Gina.klq

    Salmon lover here, super fresh!! Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, the best combination!!

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