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Cocomi Organic Coconut Aminos 250ML – Original

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Made from the saps of the coconut tree, mixed with salt and aged to create a flavorful brew. Coconut aminos are similar to flavor to a light soy sauce or tamari – a flavor often described as “umami” that is a bit meaty and savory. Cocomi coconut aminos can easily be used as a healthier replacement option and an ideal ingredient to maximise flavor without adding extra sodium.
– 100% organic coconut
– Soy Free
– Non GMO
– Promotes healthy blood pressure
– Suitable for Vegans
– Suitable for Halal
– Ideal for Dips, Sushi, Fried Rice, Stir Fry Cooking

5 reviews for Cocomi Organic Coconut Aminos 250ML – Original

  1. Desmondtcj

    Great for cooking and marinating. Marinated the New Zealand salmon with it. Can’t wait to try out the other flavours in my next purchase.

  2. Michellaosg

    My favourite flavour out of the other 3! I’ll be sticking to this for a long time

  3. Eugeneloh12

    Certainly did not regret this purchase! The condiment does not taste like coconut at all, but rather the lighter version of soy sauce with a slight sweet taste to it

  4. Robertstaylor

    Bought for my wife to try because she’s recently complaining that her blood pressure is too high

  5. Qiqi_ch4n

    First time trying out coconut aminos after realising it taste like soy sauce but the healthier version, it’s pretty good and less salty

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