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Cocomi Organic Coconut Aminos 250ML – Teriyaki

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Made from the saps of the coconut tree, mixed with salt and aged to create a flavorful brew. Coconut aminos are similar to flavor to a light soy sauce or tamari – a flavor often described as “umami” that is a bit meaty and savory. Cocomi coconut aminos can easily be used as a healthier replacement option and an ideal ingredient to maximise flavor without adding extra sodium.
– 100% organic coconut
– Soy Free
– Non GMO
– Promotes healthy blood pressure
– Suitable for Vegans
– Suitable for Halal
– Ideal for Dips, Sushi, Fried Rice, Stir Fry Cooking

6 reviews for Cocomi Organic Coconut Aminos 250ML – Teriyaki

  1. YeeongMin

    Taste even more delicious than soya sauce! Used it to marinade my ribeye.

  2. Euniceeetks

    Taste even more delicious than soya sauce, but a more liquidy texture

  3. KatyLiulx

    Great alternative for those on paleo, similar to soya sauce but not as salty and even better, low calorie!

  4. Andylzn

    Has a light teriyaki aroma and flavour, I marinated it with my king salmon fillet from Primest as well, and it was the most perfect combination i’ve ever had!!

  5. Zacharysohh_

    Soy-free option for those who have soy allergies, so much amino acids and nutrients in a small bottle, nice!

  6. Beneggids

    Forgot to get my sushi sauce from the counter upon reaching home and this was all i had left in the cabinet, so i tried my luck. Surprisingly it tastes great, although with the teriyaki flavouring in it. Would consider getting the original one in my next purchase just for SUSHI!!

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