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Renuka Coconut Water Natural 1L x 12

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Crisp and refreshing with the natural sweetness of coconut water and naturally lower sugar content. Renuka Coconut Water is a delicious blend of green coconuts and king coconuts, a golden variety native to Sri Lanka, resulting in a unique taste with the level of sugars found in other coconut water brands. It is naturally enriched with the 5 essential electrolytes sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus making it a total rejuvenating solution for fitness, health and overall well-being.
– 100% coconut water
– From farm to pack within 4 hours
– Never from concentrate
– No added sugar
– Naturally low is sugars < 2.5g/ 100ml
– Fruity coconut water – only sweetened with real fruit
– 40% less sugar than leading brands
– Ideal as the perfect beverage for restoring hydration and replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise.

5 reviews for Renuka Coconut Water Natural 1L x 12

  1. Kwong

    No added sugars but refreshingly sweet… love the free gift

  2. cherri_pie

    Hydrating and refreshing, good for hot summer weather

  3. Pek_Z15

    Arrived in good condition, fast and free delivery

  4. deven84

    tastes best when chilled!

  5. gordiusfong

    Tastes like actual coconut water… better than other brands 👍

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