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Stay Away From Sweetened Condensed Milk

Be it coffee sweetener, 3-ingredient ice cream, or just a tasty snack- sweetened condensed milk is the guy for the job. Thick and delicious cream in a can, just the right amount of milkiness and sweetness to satisfy your sugary cravings. However, condensed milk, sweetened or unsweetened, is not good for you. Today, we will unpack the horrors behind this sugary treat.

What is sweetened condensed milk?

As the name suggests, sweetened condensed milk is milk that has most of the water taken out and sweetened with copious amounts of sugar. It is then boiled with a large amount of butter until the sugar caramelises. Preservatives are then added to maintain its long shelf life. 

In short, sweetened condensed milk is made of unhealthy fats, sugars, and a dash of chemicals for that tooth-rotting sweetness.

What is a healthier alternative?

“Help!”, you say. “I still want that creamy goodness!” We understand. Condensed milk is essential for dulce de leche, for your nightly milo drink, your morning coffee/tea. After doing intense research, we found out that coconut condensed milk is the closest substitute for condensed milk.

What is coconut condensed milk?

Coconut condensed milk is, you guessed it, made from coconuts! It is made by combining coconut milk and coconut sugar and boiling it until the sugar caramelises and it thickens. Visually and tastewise, it’s pretty much the same as normal condensed milk, with an additional hint of the tropics at the back of your palette. 

But wait? Isn’t that the same as normal condensed milk?

Coconut milk contains healthy fats that are quickly used and absorbed by the body, which aids in weight loss. Furthermore, coconut milk has numerous health benefits, such as aiding in gastrointestinal health and has anti-inflammatory properties, making it much better than cow’s milk. 

Coconut sugar contains nutrients such as zinc, iron and potassium, which are not found in normal sugar. It also contains inulin, which is a soluble fibre known to prevent post-meal blood sugar spikes. Even so, it still increases your blood sugar level and prevents conditions such as hypoglycemia. 

Where can I buy coconut condensed milk?

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Alas, coconut condensed milk is not as popular as it’s counterpart, and it can be hard to find it in your local grocers, and online listings may not be as trustable. Lucky for you, we have done the research for you! The best coconut condensed milk we have tried so far is Cocomi Coconut Condensed Milk. The coconuts used are sourced organically from the most trusted farms, and the slight coconut taste is indiscernible when used for baking, but pleasantly aromatic when eaten by itself.

Will you be having a go at coconut condensed milk?