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My Dog Hasn’t Eaten All Day, What Should I Do?

Does your dog knock over their bowl and become restless? Or refuse to eat anything? While these may be symptoms for underlying issues, chances are your dog is a picky eater. Today we’ll be covering what causes picky eating and some ways to improve their relationship with food!

3 Main Causes of Picky Eating

Some dogs are picky eaters by nature, while some just wolf down their food the second they see them. But what’s important is that they are healthy despite being picky! A healthy dog should be playful and happy, have a consistent weight, a shiny coat and fresh breath. Here are a few possible reasons why your pooch aren’t eating:

1. Sudden Change in Diet

Abruptly changing your dog’s food can lead to a decrease in appetite. If you’ve just switched to a new formula of food, there should be a gradual transition for your dogs to adjust to this dietary change. A good transition should happen over a span of 7 days by mixing both into their diets:

Day 1: 25% new diet, 75% old diet

Day 3: 50% new diet, 50% old diet

Day 5: 75% new diet, 25% old diet

Day 7: 100% new diet

If you have not changed your dog’s diet, chances are your dog just doesn’t like the taste of his dinner. We’ll be covering solutions for this later in the article.

2. Oral Issues

Dogs that suddenly develop symptoms of picky eating could have underlying health issues, such as oral injury or disease. This discomfort causes them to stay away from eating. The first thing you should do is check that their teeth, tongue and gums look healthy. Swollen or painful oral diseases can often be the culprit of your pup’s not eating.

3. Dietary Sensitivity

Dogs who have dietary sensitivity such as lactose intolerant and grain sensitivity might face symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss when they consume ingredients that they are allergic to. This is actually a phobia that needs constant persuasion and help from their owners to get over it.

The Solution

To encourage your dogs to eat, dog owners may incorporate some aromatic foods into their dogs daily meal. Here are some of the healthiest and most effective ingredients to use. 

  1. Desiccated Coconut

Most owners of picky-eating dogs get worried and resort to replacing treats with regular dog food by tempting them to eat. However, it is not a good idea to replace regular food with treats, as it can lead to obesity and high cholesterol. Alternatively, dog owners can use other forms of treats to spice up their dog food by mixing them into it! Desiccated coconut can be a good treat to include into your dog’s food as desiccated coconut gives off a chewy texture and an additional smell that can greatly appeal to your pups.

Desiccated coconut is made from 100% coconut meat that is finely dried and shredded, which is perfectly safe for your dogs! Besides being aromatic and flavourful, coconut also provides several health benefits for your pups. Coconut is full of lauric acid that may treat infections due to its antioxidant properties to provide extra defence against bacteria, viruses and parasites, and anti-inflammatory properties that help speed up wounds, cuts and bruises.

Cocomi Organic Desiccated Coconut is highly recommended for your furry friends as they contain a substantial amount of health benefits and great for picker eating dogs. This special packet is made with 100% pure organic coconut with a natural flavour and aroma of coconut. It is ideal to sprinkle Cocomi Desiccated Coconut over dog food for an additional chewy texture that your pups would love! 

  1. Opting for Coconut Condensed Milk

Milk products should not be fed to dogs as it is known to be high in fat and natural sugars. Overconsumption may also cause obesity, diarrhea and other digestive problems for your pups. Dogs who have lactose intolerance may also have a phobia of eating due to previous bad encounters with digestive upsets or skin irritation, hence dog owners should be careful with selection of food choices and prevent purchasing food products that contain milk or other dairy products.

By choosing to opt for dairy-free alternatives such as coconut condensed milk, coconut condensed milk is perfectly safe and beneficial for your pups, and naturally sweetened with 100% coconut sugar. Suitable for lactose intolerant dogs, pet owners can use them to bake organic dog treats, cookies and cakes which can greatly appeal to dogs due to the coconut aroma. Alternatively, dogs are best at smelling, the next time your dogs will happily consume coconut treats offered, as they know it’ll be a better and safer choice than milky treats!

Recommended Ingredients

Cocomi Organic Condensed Milk is also made from 100% coconut sugar, a completely natural plant-based sweetener featuring smooth and creamy texture. Naturally sweetened with coconuts, it is suitable for lactose intolerant dogs!


Picky dogs are just like picky humans. We just have to know how to encourage these furry pups to eat using various methods! Let us know in the comment section down below if your dogs are being a picky eater as well!